neil trailer

I can’t really do an about us page without first telling my story. For my past is my future.

You see, for me, hire is in my blood.

My father worked for and managed the Naval Base branch of the then Cockburn Hire.  Who were at one point the biggest hire company in WA, way before Coates became the super power of today.

Eventually though, Cockburn Hire would be bought out by Wreckair to become Cockburn Wreckair who then would succumb to Coates Hire a few years later.  It was at that point my dad decided he should go out on his own, so after a few business trips to Melbourne with a colleague they decided to do just that.  – Cue Rocko Hire.

They purchased Rocko Hire in April of 1998 already a local established hire company in Rockingham.

This is where I come into it.

I was a fresh faced, green, still wet behind the ears 17 yr. old with long curly ginger hair that knew nothing about anything and never wanted to get dirty would start my career in the hire game.

One of my first jobs would be to lug around and old worn out petrol compressor and check the tyre pressures of all the trailers, and then followed with a big ass battery with a connection to check the lights as well.

From there Dad would let me answer the phone and serve customers, learning from the best I honed my skills in the art of customer service and giving the customer the best possible experience.


Fast forward to 7th September 2011 when my father passes away, RIP Dad.

This is when things really start to get real for me.  I learnt a lot from my father but none more so after he passed away.  Left in the deep end to steer the ship through the so called global financial crises and shrug off some fierce competition from a major player.

I was becoming my own man and running the business like it was my own.  This is when the love of making trailers comes into play.  Being taught how to weld by our mechanic Ken I started to make trailers, starting with a small box trailer right into the larger trailers you are hiring today.  Sadly though, this didn’t last as the owners of Rocko Hire decide times up and sell up.  It’s a long story so I’ll save it for another time.

So now I’m doing my own hire company – Just Trailers WA – with Rockingham Hire attached to it 😉

Using the experience I learnt at Rocko as my foundation for this business and giving you the customer the highest level of customer service that I can.

So next time you need a trailer, think Just Trailers!

Neil Evans